About Us

I am sure you have heard of Don Quixote? And do you remember Sancho Panza?
But no one knows or remembers his donkeys name! Yes the Donkey. Well you see my picture up there in the top left hand corner, that’s me Donkey OT.
I know you think I might look like a cross between Scooby Doo & a mule but I come from the long line of descendants of the family of Sancho Panza's donkey.
I am Donkey OT and I am going to get my face all over the internet, there’s no stopping me.
I am the new face of online Spanish shopping, forget the new face on vogue.
You want something to do with Spain, I've got it. If you couldn’t fit anymore Spanish goodies in to your suitcase when you were here, don’t worry, you can buy the rest here.
Hey,……hey, what are you..doing, Give me back that lap top…HEY! Awe, OW!

Ladies and Gentlemen I apologise for the interruption but Donkey OT had no business writing about himself here. The Donkey OT team at spanishshopper.com are based in Jerez de la Frontera.
Jerez is in the province of Cadiz, Andalucia, Southern Spain.
Our aim is to satisfy all your needs and desires as a ‘Lover of Spain’.
We are bringing together the ultimate online Spanish shopping experience for you, where you can do all your Spanish shopping in one place.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us and we appreciate and would like your Views and correspondence to make this site all you want it to be. Please mail us your suggestions, ideas, your satisfaction and your complaints. customers@spanishshopper.com

All the information you send us will be taken very seriously and will help us to make this site customer friendly.
For us, it is crucial that we make a bonding trust between us, so you know who we are, where we are and that you can purchase from us with 100% faith.
You ‘the customer’ are the important one, without you Donkey OT wouldn’t exist.
So you see, it is not really ‘About Us’ it is about ‘YOU’.
If you really want to see some faces about who we are, take a look here but don’t forget to come right back.